THIS WORLD, the album

Who I am is not an important thing. What I'm looking for is no more.
When I look at the world around me, I'm feeling things and feelings that words can not describe, but notes can.
The real power of music is when instruments are more expressive than words.

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Too Bad For Her

Composer : Christ MOZ
French title : Tant pis pour elle
Year : 2016
He wants to walk under the rain, she doesn't follow him... too bad for her.
Il veut se promener sous la pluie, elle ne veut pas l'accompagner... tant pis pour elle.

Saxophone, Piano, Upright bass, Vibraphone, Electric piano, Drums
Photo credit : Milada Vigerova,

Sorry Maurice

Composer : Christ MOZ
French title : Obsession
Year : 2015
An obsessive jazz melody in the mind of the great composer. Sorry Maurice, it's just a fantasy.
Une mélodie jazzy obsédante dans l'esprit du grand compositeur. Pardon Maurice, ce n'est qu'une fantaisie.

Saxophone, Piano, Upright bass, Trumpet, Trombone, Muted trumpet, Tuba, Electric piano, Drums
Photo credit : Israel Sundseth,


Composer : Christ MOZ
French title : Supplique
Year : 2015
When sun hits hard and land and trees dry for too long, it remains no more than prayer.
Quand le soleil cogne, que la terre et les arbres sont assoiffés depuis trop longtemps, il ne reste plus que la prière.

Jazz Guitars, Upright bass
Photo credit : Ivars Krutainis,

Last run

Composer : Christ MOZ
French title : Dernière cavale
Year : 2015
A guy (vibraphone), a girl (saxophone), love, money, lot of money, but... cops (piano) and stress (bass). This is the story of Jack's last run.
Un homme (vibraphone), une femme (saxophone), l'amour, de l'argent, beaucoup d'argent mais... des flics (piano) et du stress (basse). Voici le récit de la dernière cavale de Jack.
Vibraphone, Piano, Upright bass, Saxophone, Electric piano, Trumpet section, Drums
Cover : Christ MOZ

This world

Composer : Christ MOZ
Year : 2016
A piece of history.
Un morceau d'histoire.

Jazz Guitars, Piano, Electric piano, Upright bass, Drums
Photo credit : Jordy Meow,

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Brother, write 'personal use',it's better. Nice work !

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This world